Postpartum Doula


Doulas are trained professionals in all aspects of the postpartum recovery period. They are here to help and assist women, their partners and families navigate the journeys associated with the new addition to the family. They will strive to give you and your family the knowledge, skills and abilities to be confident in your parenting techniques absent of fear of judgement. Postpartum doulas provide you and your family as a whole specialized and personal support to ensure your postpartum recovery period is as positive and relaxing as possible.

Society as a whole has changed over time. History has shown that women used to grow up around birth and children rearing. Families were close, to provide the help and needed support for a new mom and growing family unit. Today, our culture has left families spread out and the support system, even though possibly strong, is not always readily accessible. There is where a postpartum doula comes in. The education, training, knowledge and experience a doula can bring to your postpartum period is invaluable. They are here to help fill the missing gap that is so often present in our society today.

Standard Postpartum Doula Support Services include the following but may not be limited to:

  • Gives feeding support: breast, bottle, pumping
  • Provides tips to the new mom with caring for her postpartum body
  • Listens and helps the mother and partner process the story of their special birth
  • Supporting you with infant care, including but not limited to: baby wearing, swaddling, bathing, changing, soothing and coping techniques etc.
  • Emotional support & encouragement for you and your family
  • Helps the new parents develop their own style and techniques related to bonding, nurturing and caring for the new infant
  • Assist with your newborn so you can have some alone time (showering, sleeping, eating, etc.), spend time with your partner, and spend time with your family or other children.
  • Sibling care so you can spend one on one time with your new addition
  • Helps the partner with adjusting to their new role
  • Meal/snack preparation
  • Perform light housework (laundry, sweeping, dishes, etc.), run errands, light yardwork, and help with general organization
  • Providing referrals to valuable resources and professional services when needed