“…Kimberly was my doula for my 5th child and without her, I wouldn’t have been able to conquer the pain of a natural birth. She was the inner voice reminding me of my strength. Thank you so much for being just what I needed when I needed it. You are amazing!!” -S.B. 2016

“…I recently had a baby and the support and guidance she has given me along the way has been so helpful, especially when it came to questions with breastfeeding. I without a doubt would hire her as a doula and think any woman that works with her will greatly benefit….” -B.L. 2016

“…Her skill set will highly benefit pregnant mothers and significant others. Her level of emotional insight, empathy, crisis training and ability to remain calm and de-escalate others in tense situations will greatly enhance the care of any client she comes into contact with…” -S.H. 2016

“…Kimberly exhibits high levels of patience and an ability to work with a variety of people and personalities. She is very personable and exudes a warm and non-judgmental demeanor that makes her very approachable. Her extensive training in the mental health field, and particularly counseling, will give her an added advantage in offering the type of support many mother’s often need throughout their pregnancy and beyond… Being my first pregnancy, I had many concerns and anxieties. Kimberly frequently reached out to me to check-in, provide support, and offer information/resources throughout my pregnancy. It became apparent very quickly that Kimberly’s passion towards pregnancy extended to labor, delivery, and beyond. In fact, she offered support and encouragement to me throughout my labor…” -J.R. 2016

“…Kim was incredible during my birth. She was able to help me keep focus, power through and helped make my labor manageable. My husband and I are so very grateful for the opportunity to have Kim assist us in our daughters birth. She relaxed me, made me more comfortable and would remind me that we were one contraction closer to meeting our beautiful baby girl. We will forever cherish our experience with you Kim! Thank you!!…” -W.S. 2018